• Image of Bobby Beausoleil — Lucifer Rising OST LP

"n 1966, Bobby BeauSoleil is performing music in San Francisco and meets Kenneth Anger. Anger and Bobby agree to work together. Some music is made, some darkness befalls the scene, the two fall out. Forward to 1969, the year that Bobby ends up in prison. Anger moves ahead and in 1972 he turns to Jimmy Page to take over making the music for his film, but this pairing is doomed to fail. Ultimately the original Lucifer, Bobby, reconnects with Kenneth. Things coalesce in 1976 when, with the consent of the prison authorities, Bobby records the Lucifer Rising music with other inmates of the facilities of Tracy, CA. It’s not until 1980 that the originally pressing on LP of Lucifer Rising in an edition of 1000 copies.

Originally pressed on LP in 1980 and then presented in an elaborate presentation as a 4 album boxset with the original release and session recordings related to the original soundtrack sessions, we hereby present an affordable, remastered presentation of the legendary/notorious Lucifer Rising soundtrack that was originally composed for Kenneth Anger’s film of the same name." — Ajna Offensive, 2016

"When I composed and recorded the soundtrack for a re-conceptualized Lucifer Rising a decade after the first abandoned attempt, I drew on my own life experiences to tell the story in music evocative of the mythical Lucifer awakening in his pit of despair, rekindling his torch, and rising like a phoenix from the ashes of his own unmaking to begin his long journey from the dark recesses of the underworld—shedding his pride along the way in his uncompromising desire to regain the Beloved.” — Bobby BeauSoleil

Highly recommended to anyone who is into highly complex, atmospheric and provoking electric psychedelic music and of course a fan of the film. This is the final pressing so do not miss out!

Ajna Offensive, 2016.


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