• Image of Alan Howarth — Live at Hollywood Theatre LP

"Legendary soundtrack composer, sound designer, and pioneering synth maestro Alan Howarth contributed a beautifully haunting track to our very first Wyrd War release, an eclectic Samhain themed compilation titled Whispers Through the Black Veil. We knew we had to do something very special to celebrate our inaugural declaration, so on October 1, 2014 we invited Howarth to Portland, Oregon to perform a selection of his work spanning more than three decades in the film industry live on stage at the historic Hollywood Theatre. Alan Howarth Live at Hollywood Theatre is an electrifying relic of that magical evening! A spirited testament to Howarth’s compositional wizardry and an homage to his renowned collaborations with John Carpenter for such masterpieces as Escape From New York, Halloween III: Season of the Witch, Christine, Big Trouble in Little China, Prince of Darkness and They Live, this is the quintessential soundtrack for midnight conjurations and psychonautical headphone voyages. 45 minutes of brooding cinematic dirges recorded live before a capacity audience of nearly 400 fans, and mastered for vinyl by Timothy Stollenwerk, this latest transmission from the Wyrd War catacombs gets down to business like a lost mix tape from hell’s finest video store. Includes a massive 6-panel insert with an extensive interview conducted by Dennis Dread shortly before the concert, exploring Howarth’s early musical influences and career trajectory with previously unpublished full-color photos from Howarth’s personal archives." — from wyrdwar.com

Wyrd War, 2018.